Presenting Pretty Yende's second solo album - an exploration of dreams in operas and of living in one herself.

The celebrated ‘mad scene’ from Lucia, a role which she will also perform in New York next season, was the starting point of her new recording ‘Dreams’. ‘My instinct was to look at mad scenes,’ she says. ‘But then I widened my horizons, and thought about characters who have found an escape in their dream lives. All the characters I sing here have a dream: for some it is positive, for others it is a kind of nightmare. They dream of a better life, or a prince charming, or being able to live free from fear. I wanted to explore what dreams and madness mean for each character.’

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Best of Klassik 2017

Echo Klassik Award Winners

The official compilation of ECHO KLASSIK - "Best of Klassik 2017".

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A Journey

Presenting Pretty Yende's solo album debut - an incredible journey to become one of the world’s most sought-after sopranos

"She displays not only a top-class vocal and dramatic technique but also a high-wire artist’s courage and confidence. It’s the sheer brilliance of her attack that leaves audiences around the world clamouring for more." (Daily Mail album review) // 2017 International Opera Award - Best Recording (Solo Recital)

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