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Quote: La Croix

Pour sa prise de rôle, Pretty Yende, révélation de la soirée, campe une Violetta rayonnante, avec sa voix pleine, mordante, dont il émane une grande émotion.

“… it was clear that Yende’s voice was going to handle the role quite well when she sang her first phrase“Flora, amici, la note che resta.” Most light voices suffer here and are unheard over the orchestra, but this was not the case with the South African soprano’s singing, as her beautiful, velvet timbre and the low C projected amply. The roulades in the duet with Alfredo {…}

Feature: Euronews

"To have this story in Paris with a woman who lived here makes it so real because when I walked the streets I felt like I was her, that she might have walked here."

Euronews A daring new staging of Verdi’s legendary La Traviata brings the classic tale into the internet age. And it has clicked with audiences at Opera Garnier. In Simon Stone’s take on the beloved opera, the heroine Violetta is an influencer, an “it-girl”, independent and digital savvy. South African soprano Pretty Yende is magnificent in her debut in the {…}

Feature: Business Live

“I needed something that could inspire me. And so I started making quotes and sharing quotes on my Facebook and on my Instagram and people started saying, ‘Oh my God, I needed to hear that!’”

Business Live SA opera singer Pretty Yende, who has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the last years, has hit new heights in a Paris production of La Traviata where the heroine is a social media influencer destroyed by the same society that propelled her to fame. In the new Paris Opera version of Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece, the heroine Violetta is an internet celebrity like Paris Hilton or Kim {…}

Feature: France24

We meet one of the most sought-after sopranos on the planet.

France24 We meet one of the most sought-after sopranos on the planet. After appearing in major productions around the world, South African singer Pretty Yende is performing a modern, social-media infused version of La Traviata at Paris’s prestigious Opéra Garnier. She’s on a mission to make classical music more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and bring opera into pop {…}

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