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When I look back I realise that there were many people who were much worthier than me, but the opportunity was not given to them. I honour that and carry that with me.

Pretty Yende knows how to make an entrance. The first time British audiences heard the South African soprano’s voice it was in the very first notes of Porgy and Bess, singing a gorgeously rich and soulful Summertime in Cape Town Opera’s production, which travelled to Cardiff and London in 2009. A few months earlier I had been given a sneak preview, hearing the same voice give full cry to {…}

Quote: Henson Keys, Opera News

Yende’s brilliant technical singing skills continue to mature; more important, here she reaches new depths of interpretation, explores a wider range of vocal colors and finds more warmth in her voice.

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It is so grand and unexpected, sometimes you imagine that the phrase will go even further or develop like most other composers and yet he just takes you into another corner. - Pretty Yende

It’s a spectacular cinematic and colourful universe – created by Monty Python co-founder Terry Gilliam. The iconic director unleashed his extraordinary imagination on Berlioz’ masterpiece “Benvenuto Cellini” at the Opera Bastille in Paris. “I don’t do operas I try to put on shows, this is what I try to do.” explains Terry Gilliam. “I want it {…}

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"The music is a tool," she said. "But more than that, there is the human part of it that wants to explore the impossible, and that inspired me more than actually being an opera singer."

Meet Pretty Yende: an opera singer From South Africa who is bringing greater diversity to classical music. Incredibly, she found her calling through a TV commercial. This month, Yende is onstage at the Metropolitan Opera House in Gaetano Donizetti’s “L’Elisir d’Amore” — all the more remarkable because the woman who is now so famous as an opera singer grew up {…}

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