Marie Claire: 5 Things You Need To Know About Opera Sensation Pretty Yende

Anything with chocolate in it, and I'm sold!

Feature: Pretty Yende

Pretty Yende is all smiles when we meet up in Johannesburg. Despite a demanding career and extremely busy schedule, she is warm, attentive and energetic. Her career so far has been nothing short of amazing. From singing in a choir as a child, to performing in the finest opera houses around the world, she knows a thing or two about building a career in one of the most difficult genres of music. She shared her incredible story with us in the November edition of Marie Claire, but she also shared these five things, that you need to know!

1. She’s an opera singer because of a TV ad

That’s right, the young opera star heard the Flower Duet in a British Airways commercial. She tells us that it was one of the most important and powerful moments of her life.

2. She loves seeing the audience while singing

Pretty tells us that in the past, she’s asked that the lights aren’t so dim while performing. She loves seeing the faces of the people she’s singing for, and adds a creates an intimate relationship for the few hours she is on stage.

3. She has a sweet tooth

Anything with chocolate in it, and she’s sold, Pretty told us. She also loves sweet potato fries, and apparently her mom is the best at making them.

4. She knows how to stay low-key

She tells us that coming back to South Africa after working overseas the majority of the year, is one of the biggest treats for her;  she adds that this happens very seldom though. Thats why, when she’s in South Africa, she usually hides away from media and avoids work-related stuff, and rather spends quality time with her family.

5. She has a secret to her beautiful voice

Pretty shares with us that it’s not all about drinking tea and honey and not talking too loudly. She shatters all those stereotypical ideas and tells us that its quite simple actually. She tells us that when you’re happy on the inside, it shows in your voice. This is why she focuses on her mental wellbeing before anything else.

Bonus: She has been on some huge US talk shows

She’s been on the Wendy Williams show, a must see below! But she’s also appeared on various shows including Tavis Smiley, and Stephen Colbert.

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